Spiff as a plugin integrates with almost any ecommerce platform.

For Shopify: Merchants will find spiff in the Shopify app store .

For WordPress: Simply go to and sign up for a free account to create a partner. A Partner is the name of your online store. Follow the onboarding processs to create your partner account, first product and first workflow and then book a meeting with a spiff specialist to help install the app on your store.

For BigCommerce: Merchants will find Spiff in the BigCommerce marketplace.

For Neto: Merchants will find Spiff in Neto add on.

No credit cards required upfront. Free trial period of 14 days applies so installing is risk free.

Having succesfully installed, you will be automatically directed through the spiff create your first product onboarding. The primary goal of this process is to have you:

  • Name your partner account (automatic for Shopify and Neto)
  • Create a product from your store that you want to Personalize/Customize (For Shopify this links directly to your store products)
  • Create a workflow – Configurable steps that build the customer journey
  • Order content required to execute this experience or link to an existing public asset.
  • Render Personalise Now Button (For shopify via snippet, worpress no snippet is required, neto via custom script, bigcommerce no snippet required)
  • Choose a Plan (You can start on the teaser with free trial)
  • Test – Display a 3D product with steps using spiff in your store

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