The Prepress and Imposition services addon provided by Spiff allows you to define exactly how your print files and print data are processed and compiled once your customers complete their orders. Not only arranging your print files into the exact layouts you need but also allowing the complete composition of combined print files including bleed and die lines, cut lines, fold lines, order number imposition, barcodes, file naming, file generation and conversion and much more. This is an invaluable add-on for production teams and fulfillers. Speak to a Spiff team member for more information.

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Extra Impositions

Though the features are limitless, Spiff currently allows you to also add the following to your print files/renditions:

  • SKU numbers
  • Order IDs – External and Internal
  • Layouts/Pages
  • Transaction Information
  • Line Items – quantity, base price and more
  • Print Job IDs
  • Integration Information (For shared products)
  • Selected Variants for each step – Price, Name, Variant IDs/Names, Selected Colors etc.
  • Order Metadata
  • Delivery Location
  • Product Information – Product name, price
  • Design Name(s)

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