Patchwork Assets

Patchworks allows users to create a unique background or region from a predefined set of SVG’s. Patchworks randomly extract a unique portion of your chosen design by scaling and rotating around the object to display different perpectives of the same art.

Patchworks are used in a design process that allows the customer to receive a completely unique version of a particular product. It works best where the base image is highly detailed like in the examples shown below. You can also find free patchworks supplied by Spiff in the asset gallery by checking the public assets check box. You can also upload as many patchworks as you like using the Create New Asset button in the top right.

Popular examples of this technology in use were when diet Coke and Nutella used it to create a campaign where every bottle design was completely unique. To see Spiff patchworks in action check out our example here.


  • Must be an SVG
  • The more detail the better

How to Use

  • Upload your SVG design to the Patchworks tab in Spiff Assets
  • Create a list of patchworks using the patchworks option type or add directly in worklfow
  • Create a workflow step using the patchworks step type
  • Create a region on the canvas where you want the patchworks to display
  • Save and link to a product

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