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Connect your WooCommerce store to the Spiff Editor and allow customers access to Spiff Workflows to personalise their products.


The Spiff Connect plugin allows you to use Spiff with WooCommerce.

Spiff allows you to visually personalise products in 2D, 3D and AR.

Being able to visualize the finished, personalised product to your customer prior to purchase is a powerful way of reducing pre-purchase risk perceptions and therefore cart abandonment.

Using the 3D model, customers can interact with your products using the mouse (desktop) or fingers (mobile).

Spiff takes 3D product renders to the next level, allowing you to dynamically personalise the product in real-time.

This is especially useful if your store offers products which have customization and personalization options. In these cases, in the past, it has been difficult to visually represent these products to the customer.

A further extension to this capability is the AR functionality of the Spiff app where the personalised product can activate an AR experience using the Spiff native mobile phone app.


Prior to installing the Spiff Connect plugin you will have contacted Spiff to have an account assigned to you.

Once you have signed up with Spiff, install the plugin by doing the following:

  1. Add the plugin from the Add Plugins screen.
  2. Activate the plugin from the Installed Plugins screen.
  3. Select “Spiff Connect” in the sidebar. Set the API Key, API Secret and Store ID with the values provided to you by Spiff. Click “Save Changes”.
  4. In Spiff Hub, sign in and select “Products” from the sidebar.
  5. For each product you wish to personalise:
    • Click “Create Product”.
    • Check the “Enabled” checkbox.
    • Set the Product Name.
    • Set a unique Product Code.
    • Upload the product’s 3D model.
    • Click “Workflows” and select each workflow to add.
    • Click “Create”.
  6. For each of your products to be personalised, find it in the WooCommerce Products list and select edit. Check the “Spiff Customisable” checkbox and set “Spiff Product ID” to the ID of the product in Spiff. Click Update to save your changes.

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