Step Types

Workflow experiences can be configured with a wide range of valuable steps to provide the merchant with as much control and flexibility over the customer’s personalization journey as possible. Step settings and configurations are generally universal and most will be available in all step types. Within each unique step type, however, there are more step-specific adjustments available. Explore the various step types and their quirks below.

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Question Step

Give the customer a selection of answers for a question you want to ask.


Add an area for uploading images or logos to your design.


Personalised text in various formats with your own fonts


Add vector based design elements, shapes and more with color choices and more.


Change the substance of your 3D model and let the customer completley change the look.


Add an Information Step for your consumer to see.


Add a selection of regular format raster images to the experience.

Product Overlay

Add product-specific design elements for universally used workflows.


Add sections of editable color to your designs.

Silent Step

Add design elements silently to the workflow without the need for selection.

Model Step

Create external options for universally used steps and share between workflows.

Digital Content

Upload videos and more via generated QR codes attached to your product

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