Module Step

The Module step is used in conjunction with bespoke fonts that can be designed by Spiff for your business.
Unlike the regular single-color text step offered, the module step instead offers a varation of the text step with an illustrated look, not only does it contain layering/layer index features, it further offers things like drop shadows, scale/rotation and more which can be applied to each individual element included in your bespoke font asset.

With this step, you can add personalisation to an actual logo, create a multilayered style of text like 3D text, or more. As the user types in their name for example, the Module step will visually add and generate it into the design area. A great example of this step in-use is the official personalised Vegemite product(s), wherein the consumer can order a vegemite bottle with their own name or another form of personalisation in the exact look of the official Vegemite logo.

Bespoke Fonts must be set up and configured by a Spiff member. Contact spiff directly by booking a meeting or reaching out over email to get a quote.
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In each of the above examples, spiff illustrated a font that was created to simulate the brand’s logo text.

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