Add Ons

Add-ons are features that are built to solve a specific problem. By activating an add-on you are subscribing to a monthly charge for the displayed amount, this total is added to your Upcoming Charges total. The add-ons are broken up into categories. More information for each add-on can be found below.

Internal Orders

For in-store experiences or manual entries


Connect to the Spiff API to create bespoke platform connections.

Product Sharing

Share with merchants to leverage traffic

Upsell Pricing

Add pricing to your variants in the workflow editor


Customize the appearance of your workflow editor

Bulk Ordering

Submit bulk orders on behalf of your customers


Generate professional brochures

Multiple Integrations

Use multiple stores with the same account

Free Design

Give customers complete control of their designs

Augmented Reality

Bring products to life using their phones

Adjustment Editor

Allow customers to move scale and rotate step assets

Delivery Order Logic

Configure delivery logic that routes orders to locations that you decide

Print Queues

Send files directly to your computer via Spiff Print 

Dynamic SKU

Custom SKUS built from customer selections.

Spot colors

ICC profiles and more for Spot Colors.

Prepess and Imposition

Impose print file components and handle prepress settings.

Managed Services

Gain a surrogate employee from Spiff to handle your Spiff Hub for agreed hours.

Basic Support

Basic support like content creation and consultation. 2-3 Hours pcm.

User Heirarchy

Create a heirarchy of up to 10 users you lead to manage workflows.


Gain a manager for your marketing campaigns from Spiff.

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