Product Tags

Product tags enable you to quickly search and identify specific products within the Spiff Hub. This is especially helpful when dealing with numerous products. Whether you have ten products or ten thousand, we recommend the use of Product Tags both for saving time and for the overall organisation of your products list page. Product tags can also be further used to group products together within the products list page by using one tag over many products.

For example, you may sell a variety of different kinds of clothing or garments. You may want to organise all of your ‘Jackets’, all of your ‘Shirts’, or even organise ‘Longsleeve’ shirts separately to ‘Shortsleeve’. With the use of product tags, you can quickly and efficiently filter between all of these tags instantly.

Adding Product Tags

In order to add tags to each of your products, first navigate to an appropriate product within your products list page via Store>Products in the Spiff Hub.

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Once you’ve accessed the product list page, navigate to or search for the applicable product you will be attaching your new product tags and click on it, this will open the product edit page. Once here, scroll down to the appropriate section, second from the bottom, “Product Tags”.

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Now that you’re in the right place, simply type your new tag into the field below ‘Tags’ at the bottom of the card, and hit ‘Enter’ to add it. Make sure not to add spaces, unless you need will use them every time the tag is attached to another product. The amount of available tags to add is unlimited. Hit save at the top of your product on the right to finalise your changes and confirm the new tags.

Filter by Product Tags

To filter by product tags, navigate back to your products list page via Store>Proudcts once you’ve added all of your tags to the appropriate products. From here, simply use the ‘Filters’ dropdown and choose the column you wish to filter by. In this case, the “Colum”‘ we will select is the “Tags” column. Select this in the first dropdown in your filters found on the left.

From here, choose the operation to filter by. If you only want to see products with your new tag, use the “is” operator. If you want to see everything aside from products with this tag, use the “Is Not” operator. In the last section, “Value”, simply click and select your new tag to filter your search.

Product filters will be maintained even when you navigate to other sections of the Spiff Hub, remove your filters with the ‘X’ listed next to each individual filter in the filters dropdown to take off the search filter.
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