Auto-generate professional brochures of your product using the designs and variants selected by your customer.

Not all customers that come to your store are ready to purchase. Some want to get ideas or have a play around as they compare you to other options.

The brochures feature allows you to create a custom brochure that is built off the choices the customer makes as they progress through your Spiff design experience.

Pilllow Brochure

These brochures can then be used in many ways such as:

1. Allow customers to download their brochure, so they can share it with others. Brochures also give the customer something tangible to remind them to make their purchase.

2. Auto-send brochures to your customers with their order confirmation, so the customer has a reference for the custom product they are waiting on.

3. Use brochures to configure assembly instructions that can be routed to your fulfiller so that specific instructions with imagery can be presented for reference.

4. To receive their brochure, the customer must enter an email address. This allows you to capture those customers who have not yet completed their purchase (great for those customers, not already in your database).

This feature requires configuration by a Spiff customization expert. We will work with you to create the initial design of your custom brochure and integrate it to service your requirements.

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