Themes Configurator

Used in conjunction with the Themes add-on, the Themes configurator enables to you adjust minor design elements of your overall ‘Theme Layout’. Adjusting the colour of asset selectors and buttons in the UI of the front-end customer experience, updating the associated font, as well as selecting the base ‘Theme Layout’ itself.

Theme Font

The theme font that you select from your Asset Manager will be applied to all steps. The Title of every step as well as the associated help text that you enter on each one, if applicable, will be presented to your customers with this font. See below for an example of this.

Screen Shot 2022 11 07 at 8.50.23 am

Primary Color

The primary color within your theme is applied to the main navigation buttons as well as selection boxes. Where assets have been selected, the surrounding selection box will let the customer know what they have chosen visually, with the primary color set as purple, for example, this selection/selected box will be outlined in this purple primary color. The ‘Add to Cart’ button, as well as the ‘Next’ button found in the default theme layout will likewise use this color.

Secondary Color

Text Color

Theme Layout

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