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For corporate Spiff partners, you may require the use of the “Product Share” addon. The product share addon allows you to build your Spiff products and customer experiences/workflows on a single Spiff-integrated eCommerce site and share them with other eCommerce store pages that likewise have installed the Spiff plugin.

For example, ‘The Intemperate Drinking Company’ owns and operates an eCommerce store nationally for Australia, but within Australia, they have a separate store page for each city, for Melbourne, Syndey, Brisbane and more etc. They have already built all of their Spiff products, workflows, and customer experiences on their main national store page. They don’t want to recreate every product again on their new subsidiary pages or stores. With Product Share, they can invite all of these subsidiary eCommerce stores to share each product that they specify instantly without any extra configuration work. Another example is a manufacturer has designed a personalised product library that they sell to drop-shippers, with this feature, the built products can be shared directly with any applicable store,

In order for shared products to be accessible on your other eCommerce stores, they still need to be integrated properly with Spiff, see Product Integration for more info.
Products shared via this Add-on/Feature will need to be edited on the parent Spiff hub account/integration by authenticated users, shared products can be used and ordered without limitation but cannot be edited by subsidiary stores.
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Enabling the Product Share addon

As seen in the Product Share addon documentation, to enable the feature, you must first navigate through Partner>Billing on the Spiff Hub.

Shared products will be disconnected if this addon is not enabled. They can be reshared once enabled again.
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Sharing Products

In order to share your product with another Spiff-enabled store, you’ll first need their “Partner ID”. To find this, on the receiving store’s Spiff Hub account, navigate through Partner>My Account. Once here, you can copy the Partner ID found listed in the account details or copy it from the end of the page’s URL. See below where you or the new store owner can copy this from.

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Once the product ID has been found, you can now invite this store to share your specified products. On your main store’s Spiff Hub account, navigate to the product you wish to share via Store>Products. Search for your product in the products list search bar and click on your product to access it.

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Now on your product’s edit page, scroll down to the last section “Product Share”. Once here, simply paste the new store’s “Partner ID” in the appropriate area, and once done, click the ‘INVITE’ button.

Make sure to only include the Partner ID/ UUID. Do not include any slashes or spaces around it. But make sure to leave-the-hyphens included.
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In order for shared products to be accessible on your other eCommerce stores, they still need to be integrated properly with Spiff. See Product Integration for more info.

Now that you’ve hit the Invite button, the connection is made. Login to the new store’s Spiff account once again and see that the shared product will now appear inside the product list page via Store>Products.

Adding and controlling shared delivery channels

As the owner of shared products, you may want to allow your new stores to have their own delivery channels and manage/route orders specifically for each. This is helpful if you have multiple fulfillers or manufacturing locations that will be used specifically by local stores. If this is the case, simply use the ‘Can add delivery channels’ checkbox. With this toggle enabled, this new store can now add its own delivery channels to its shared product separately from your main page’s Spiff product, while still using your pre-created delivery channels already attached.

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Excluding delivery channels to shared partners.

While a new partner or store that you’ve shared your product with can add delivery channels with the ‘Add delivery channels’ toggle, you may want to exclude them entirely from your own delivery channels so that only the ones they have added themselves will be used for order routing/delivery once a customer has finalised an order. This is helpful if each store has a delivery channel exclusive to them – including your main Spiff-enabled store. Use the “Only use this partner’s delivery channels” toggle, as well as the “Can add delivery channels” toggle if this is the case.

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Auto Proxy Order

‘Auto Proxy Order’ serves as a way for you to create proxy/secondary Shopify orders on your main Shopify store, instead of only having the orders appear on each of the Shopify stores using your shared products. With ‘Auto Proxy Order’ disabled, you’ll have the opportunity within your Spiff Hub to view all orders regardless, but further have the ability to approve or reject orders for your main Shopify store. Once approved, a Shopify order will be placed on your main Shopify store, while already being placed on stores using your shared products.

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Removing shared products

In some cases, you may want to remove shared products from alternate stores completely or create new ‘parent’ accounts for certain regions or locations. To remove a shared product from a store, and break the connection to your main account, log into the Spiff Hub as the store you’ve shared with, and navigate to the products list page via Store>Products. Click on their shared product on their Spiff Hub account, and scroll down to the bottom to use the ‘Delete Product’ button. You will see a prompt letting you know that this will break the connection and the product will no longer be available in this store. Simply hit the ‘Confirm’ and the process will be complete.

Double and triple-check that you are logged into the proper Spiff account that you wish to remove the shared product. If you delete the product from your main store’s Spiff account, it will be lost forever and will need to be reintegrated.
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In order for shared products to be accessible on your other eCommerce stores, they also need to be integrated with Spiff. See Product Integration for more info.

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