Basic Support

This add-on covers up to 2-3 hours of support per month.

Product customization is a very powerful addition to your business. It has the ability to transform your business giving you a clear edge over your competitors.

In many cases, merchants may believe that by purely adding a custom product, they will see an increase in sales but to really make customization work you need to understand when and why customization works.

The most succesful merchants we see charge very little extra for customization and they can do this because they have automated the administration of custom products so that that the cost difference between personalized.

This plan gives you time with our customization specialists!

Draw off our extensive knowledge to make sure you are covering the following:

  1. Customer Experience – How many steps of customization? What themes should you use? Where on my ecommerce page should I position the customize widget?
  2. File Setup – Once an order is placed, how do we minimise handling? Do you need assembly instructions? Barcodes? Order numbers?
  3. Delivery Channels – Where should the prepared files, intructions or meta-data be routed? Do you need any special logic sending orders to fulfulliers based on rules?
  4. Customer Communications – Once my customer orders, how do I keep them connected to the product they customised? How to get referals?
  5. Ongoing Analysis – How are my customers interacting with my products? Should I keep refreshing the experience? How do I get repeat orders and referals?
  6. Sales Channels through Product Sharing – How do I leverage other merchants web traffic to gain sales?

On this plan, Spiff customization experts will spend up to 2-3 hours per month working with you.

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