Order Moderation

The Order moderation component of the Spiff Platform allows you as the merchant to manually approve or reject proxy orders placed by customers. This allows you to confirm that the designs they have made actually make sense for the product and that they don’t contain any profane or otherwise controversial language you deem offensive or inflammatory. Unlike the ‘Profanity Filter’ component attached to each of your products that will prevent the customer from even entering words that you add to your profanities list, the moderation tool relates more to the Orders page itself which allows you to prevent ‘Proxy Orders’ from being placed on your Shopify store. This means, that with the use of Product Sharing, even orders placed on other eCommerce sites using your products can be approved or rejected.

Its important to note that the moderation component of Spiff can only reject and approve orders within your Spiff Hub orders page. This feature will not refund rejected orders or prevent the customer from placing orders on your eCommerce site. Customers with rejected orders should be contacted by you or your team.
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