Draft Orders

Daft orders are used to:

  • lists all the transactions that have been created
  • use the toggle to see all transactions, by default only shows transactions that have yet to be ordered

draft order page:

  • click confirm the order to manually convert into order, usually this is unnecessary
  • click download to download currently available renditions, this may require imposition to be set up

bulk orders

  • for a workflow to be bulk orderable it needs a varying step, currently only text steps can vary, set it up by going to the text step in workflow editor, got to config and check the checkbox in bulk varying data
  • if a workflow is bulk orderable then you can either customize one item as normal or you can do a bulk order, by using the bulk orders page in the hub or by getting your developers to set up a bulk order button on your site using our APIs (see the dev docs)
  • when going through the workflow as a bulk order there will be a variable data section
  • first you must name your design
  • then do one of two things:
  • 1) if making lots of variations then click connect to add your data via Google Sheets, then return to the iframe and click add to cart
  • 2) if only adding a few variations then use the plus button to add variations, click left and right to move between them, click delete to delete current variation
  • when viewing the order in the hub, there will be a variations section at the bottom of the card

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