Conversion Accelerator

An essential bundle for merchants offering products of a higher value, where customer confidence is lower due to complexity, trust, or simply not having the ability to try the product out before purchasing or committing. The Conversion Accelerator bundle gives you the tools you need to connect with these lost or unsure customers, reach out to them, help them complete their orders, and increase conversion.

Together, the features included in this bundle add up to form the most powerful conversion tool for customized or personalized products in the market today. 

The conversion accelerator is an addon that aims to personalize the consumer experience pre-purchase by giving the customer access to: 

  • Unique digital collateral that is relevant to their purchase in real-time. 
  • The ability to save and edit designs they have started but not yet purchased. 
  • A connection to the merchant sales team to facilitate any concerns they may have

Included in the bundle:

  • Brochures – Prepare and send high-end renders built into a catalogue-style document that includes each unique customer’s personalised product. Retarget the customer with their own personalised product.
  • Asset and Variant MetaData – Build detailed descriptions into individual variants that can be used to populate your brochures that are sent to customers.
  • Customer Lists – Invite customers to save their designs and receive personalized digital collateral based on their interaction with your custom products.
  • Email retargeting – Automatic retargeting of customers that have added their product to the cart. This allows you to retarget higher up in the sales funnel as customers are given a valid reason to give you their details. Customers will receive an email including a render of the product that they designed, a link to the personalised brochure, a shareable link to the 3D view or design they created as well as a path back to the cart to either complete or edit their design. 
  • Draft Orders – An invaluable tool for sales staff, draft orders can be created every time a design is started. Draft orders will show you each of these transactions. All the information collected when the design is started can be used to complete unfinished designs and send them to any prospective customers, allowing them to complete their orders.

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